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We offer a selection of both Single Origin coffees as well as Blends. Our Single Origin coffees are sourced from the leading coffee producing countries around the world whilst our blends have been individually crafted for those who want to experience a little more.


Colombia produces 100% Arabica beans, which deliver the most complex flavours. Colombian coffee is among those considered to be the best coffee in the world. It is exported to various countires including United States, Germany, France, Japan, Italy and most importantly us, South Africa!

Wax Palm is also known as the "Quindo Wax", is the national tree for Colombia. Under ideal growing conditions the wax palm can grow to a height of as high as 60m, making it the tallest palm tree in the world. The trunk is cyclindrical, smooth, light coloured and is covered with wax.

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Brazil is responsible for approximately one third of the world's coffee production, making Brazil by far the single largest producer. The country is unrivaled in it's total production of coffee, a position it has held for the last 150 years.

Rufous-Bellied Thrush also known as Turdus Rufiventris, is the national bird of Brazil. It is a songbird belonging to the thrush family and is one of the most common species across much of south-eastern Brazil. It was famously reffered to in the well-known first strophe of the Brazilian nationalist poem CanÇão do exílio.

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Ethiopia is where Coffee Arabica originates from. Ethiopia produces more coffee than any other nation on the African continent and coffee remains the most important export product for them. Most regard Ethiopia's large coffee resources as "black gold" and Ehtiopia accounts for approximately 3% of the global coffee market.

Lion is the national animal of Ethiopia. The Ehtiopian flag has had various versions of the Lion on it throughout history, known as the "Lion of Judah". Ehtiopia is home to the last rare descendents of lions which have dark manes that extend all the way to their chest and belly. These lions are genetically destinct from all other existing lions.

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Rwanda coffee is a high-quality coffe with clean, bright flavours that have attractive fruited sweetness, floral characteristics, and a tea-like finish. Rwanda is known as the "Land of a Thousand Hills", with the most coffee being grown approximately 2000m above sea level. Rwanda coffee is also locally brewed into beer.

Coffee Plant whilst Rwanda has no listed national plant, flower or tree, the coffee plant is used on Rwanda's Coat of Arms. Along with the Sorghum plant, it symbolises the production of food and cash crops for the country and the working together of people to increase their collective bargaining power.

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Outliers Coffee Roasters blends our coffees to bring out the very best in the variety in the beans we roast. We source beans from around the world to ensure that all our coffee varieties bring not only their distinctive taste from their origins, but when the unique qualities are combined, they bring about a sense of adventure that you can experience.

All our coffee beans have their own story: with every sip you take their journey is told. From rich choclaty flavours to sharp citrus notes, roasting and blending these beans together gives us the opportunity to merge different flavours into just one single cup for you to enjoy. May your adventure begin...

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*The name of each blend is handwritten in the blank space of each label*