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Outliers  -  "A person or thing differing from all other members of a particular group or set"

Outliers Coffee Roasters is family owned and operated coffee roasting and distribution business based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are also an authorised dealer for Jura Automatic Coffee Machines in Southern Africa. Whilst we are a relatively young business, our love and passion for coffee has been a lifetime adventure. It all started many years ago with a love of coffee and an absolute fascination with coffee roasters and coffee roasting. We pride ourselves in the "hands on" approach we have to making our coffee unique.

Since the day we imported our beloved Diedrich coffee roaster from America we have overseen and been personally involved in every aspect of the installation of the roaster, giving attention to the detail that is required in setting up and commissioning such a piece of equipment optimally.

Of all the processes involved in coffee, the most critical is roasting. The delicate process of roasting the coffee beans is done passionately by owner and roastmaster, John Kinghorn, who ensures precision roasting at all times. As artisan coffee roasters who roast to order, we combine our deep knowledge and understanding of coffee with the very best in roasting methodology, equipment and technology. Our coffee roasting process is therefore precisely planned and controlled from start to finish which ensures consistency and only the finest of outcomes.

Weighing, packaging and sealing is again all done personally to ensure the continued process of perfection. Each process is diligently attended to with extreme attention to detail and quality, all culminating in a packet of coffee of which we are very proud. This also includes our branding, packaging and labels which were solely conceptualised and designed by ourselves in order to reflect our passion for coffee, love of adventure and thirst for knowledge. We have even found a way to give credit to our faithful Land Rover Defender who has carried us through some of our adventures and is often also used in our business to collect and deliver coffee, by including it on all of our labels.

Finally, our aim is to bring to you the very best coffee steeped in our love of coffee and passion for adventure. At Outliers Coffee Roasters we say “Life is not yet lived if you have not explored the wonders and beauties of this world without a cup of coffee in hand...”


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