Outliers Coffee


When one looks into the history of coffee, its origins, the coffee producing countries and the birth of various coffee cultures all over the world one starts to develop a thirst for knowledge and understanding which ultimately finds its way into every cup that you drink. As coffee lovers, we at Outliers Coffee Roasters have a passion for adventure, a journey of exploration to learn more about coffee and to appreciate some of the elements which have gone into every coffee bean that we roast. It should therefore come as no surprise why we say “Every sip is an adventure...”

We would like to share this adventure with you as you experience some of the journey that has taken place in every cup. We continue this further by sharing some interesting information on our packaging which we hope you will appreciate as much as we do.

We at Outliers also have a love and passion for our beautiful fauna and flora of the world. We hope that with each packet that is sold, new unique information is imparted  about the Country from where the coffee originates, and either the national animal, bird, flower or tree of that Country... and in so doing encouraging our love of nature to filter through.