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A Little About Us

Outliers Coffee Roasters is a family operated business with each member playing their part in bringing about their respective expertise to the roastery, from the sourcing of our green coffee beans to the roasting process itself and even right down to the design and ingenuity behind each of our labels. Allow us to introduce our founder and master roaster, the very person who brings to your coffee mugs a sense of adventure with each sip of Outliers Coffee that you take!

The Bean Roaster

John kinghorn - Founder, Master Roaster and CEO

John Kinghorn often recalls his childhood memories of trips with his father each weekend to go collect their weekly supply of coffee from the local coffee roaster - his fascination with the stories of where the various beans came from and then watching how they were roasted before being ground and packed - it was then that the bean was planted! John’s passion for coffee has since developed into more of a lifelong adventure than simply a daily pleasure or morning routine. It was a few years ago when returning home after working in China that John, a qualified chartered accountant, set out on a mission to teach himself more about the art of roasting, coffee origins and the various types of equipment involved as well as all the other figurative bells and whistles of the industry through hours of determination-fuelled hard work and perseverance. Blended with his unquenchable thirst for adventure, desire for knowledge and determination to make a difference, the time was right and Outliers Coffee Roasters was born. Today, some years later our clients who now form part of our broader Outliers family will attest to the fact that he is not only an expert ‘bean counter’ but also an expert bean roaster!